Tuesday 26 July 2016

Cross Inn

Apologies for the poor quality of this photo. Can anybody help me identify the moth which is behind the Barred Straw? I have only recently started trapping and hope that readers will be patient with me if I ask very simple questions!


  1. Hi Phil, welcome to the blog.
    Do you know the size (forewing length) of this moth?
    It looks like a Grey Mountain Carpet, do you have Heather and Bilberry nearby? Confusion species are Yellow-ringed Carpet, much rarer and not recorded in vc46 and Striped Twin-spot Carpet which is usually more weakly marked than yours.

  2. Hello Ina,
    On looking at my photo again I think that it is a Twin-spot Carpet. its wing length was 12mm. We don't have any heather or bilberrry nearby. Unfortunately it escaped as I was trying to get it into a specimen tube so this is the only record I have of it. Phil

    1. Having downloaded and blown up your photo I am sure you are right. The leading edge of the wing looks slightly concave.
      Ah well...a bit of wishful thinking on my part!


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