Friday 3 June 2016

Shark and Privet Hawkmoth distribution maps

This is the map for Privet Hawkmoth (see Sarah's post) note the concentration of records in the south of the county.

Below is the map for the Shark. There are 80 records for the county with the first in 1923. There has been less than 2 records per year since 1973 except for 1977 (15), 1984 (6), 1985 (10), 2010 (3), 2011 (5), 2015 (3). As Carolyn said I had one in my garden on 15th May 2010, which at first I thought was a Chamomile Shark because it was too early for Shark. Several people came to see it, including the county recorder, and it was identified as a Shark. The one we caught yesterday was the second for the garden.


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