Thursday 16 June 2016

Dark Spectacle

I moved the garden trap from the front of the house to the side of the house last night. The reward was fewer moths of fewer species, but one species new to the site and to me.

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  1. best trap location often belies logic. I'm just finishing off a holiday in Sutherland, in a location we come back to again and again, partly because of the moth interest. It is an area with moorland, some birch and sallow scrub and a remnant of old Caledonian forest. Old oaks, hazel, birch, alder, sycamore, aspen, rowan with bilberry and heather understory comprise the wooded area. I've tried the trap in all spots and the best by far is up by the house on the Tarmac turning circle, well away from the specialist habitats. I still can't explain why, but the message is clear, to try all locations available to see what works, even the unlikely spots.


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