Thursday 2 June 2016

Other moths from the garden.

In addition to the Shark in the earlier post we had an Elephant...I know there are migrants around but it must have taken a while to walk from Africa!!
Sorry, being serious now.
Elephant Hawkmoth, Grey Dagger agg., May Highflyer, Foxglove Common and Ochreous Pugs, Treble Lines, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Middle-barred Minor, Marbled Minor agg, Heart and Dart and last but not least a Great Prominent.
The recent influx of Diamond-backs in the county has resulted in two in our garden and of course the ubiquitous Light Brown Apple moths.
Ochreous Pug

Grey Dagger agg

Elephant H/m

Setaceous H.C.

Heart and Dart

Heart and Dart - showing the headband

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