Wednesday 22 June 2016

Forester - North of Llanrhystud

Following a tip-off from Arthur C. we set off north along the coast path from Llanrhystud yesterday. Before we reached the map ref we were looking for and having found a nice area of sorrel we thought we would try out the pheromone lure. Nothing was attracted to it! Tony then said something turquoise looking was heading away from him, we looked but did not find this one. I then saw a Forester more or less by my feet. Four were seen in all, not many but only a small area that looked suitable.
There was a large area of Thrift but nothing showed an interest in my pheromone for that species.
This looks like a good area to search again later in the year.
Species seen; Nettle-tap - everywhere. Magpie moth, larva.  Celypha lacunana,  Hedya pruniana,  Cinnabar moth, 5-spot Burnet,  Agapeta hamana, Diamond-back, surprise surprise.  Aphelia paleana, Bactra lancealana, Cydia ulicetana, very worn. Fox Moth, early instar larva.
And, a little beastie that had me foxed but thanks to GMT I now know is a female Leptopterna ferrugata

Aphelia paleana

Bactra lancealana

Magpie - larva

Anthophila fabricana

Celypha lacunana


Forester - the first

5-spot Burnet

Fox moth

Forester - the fourth

Leptopterna ferrugata (f)

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