Tuesday 28 June 2016

Ghosts and Gold spots

I caught these on the 20th June, 26 species in the 15w synergetic trap and 12 in the 60w actinic.  The 15w was in the paddock amongst oaks so much better habitat than my doorstep!
I had 3 female Ghosts so promised to go out late to see the lekking males but our lovely summer weather has stalled that idea.
Also in the trap was a Small Clouded Brindle which I can't remember catching before; I managed to get pics of the comma on the under hindwing.  

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  1. You are right Liz this is your first Small Clouded Brindle. Before this year there were 149 county records, all bar 12 of them from the Tregaron/Cors Caron area. We also had one at Ynys-hir on the 17th June, the night of the Blackneck and Dog's Tooth.


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