Sunday 5 June 2016

Red-tipped Clearwing

A quick walk around part of Cors Fochno this lunchtime.
Red-tipped Clearwing - Tried two places with the lure, the first produced nothing but in the same place as last year we had four within five minutes.
Other moths - Lots of Common Heath, quite a few Diamond-backs hanging on from last week's influx, Marbled White-spot, Brown Silver-line as always, Pleurota bicostella and Orthotaenia undulana.
We saw quite a few Large Heath as reported by Mike Bailey earlier.
Some Odonata - Azure, Common, Blue-tailed, Large and Small Red Damsels, Four-spot Chasers (most abundant), Hairy Dragonfly and a brief glimpse of an immature Keeled or Black-tailed Skimmer.  Given the acid bog most likely Keeled.

Common Heath

Red-tipped Clearwing
Small Red Damselfly
Hairy Dragonfly
Red-tipped Clearwing
No insects were harmed during this exercise....however one human received a bang on the head, sorry Tony

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