Thursday 9 June 2016

Argyresthia trifasciata

Not had a lot of time to blog lately, it gets a bit hectic at this time of year.
However I thought this little one deserved a mention.
I used to get these in my Lancashire garden so it was like meeting an old friend!
This is a VC46 first so please forgive the rubbish photo.
Anyone has any Cypress trees in their garden, look out for them.  I have found they like to sit on top of the rain guard or the outside of the trap.
Oh yes...don't forget your spectacles...they are very small!!


  1. I should have is not brown, but gold.

  2. I found them flying during the daytime around the old cypress tree here last year (also a first). Very easy to spot. They were plentiful but none came to the light trap, so wipe down the glasses and go take a look at your nearest trees/bushes.


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