Wednesday 25 June 2014

Another Waved carpet

We ran two traps at RSPB's Ynys-hir reserve last night, one in mixed woodland and the other in open, grassy woodland. This morning we recorded 67 macro species and 20 micros. It was interesting that we had a Waved carpet to add to that recorded by Carolyn and Evan recently. Also new for us this year were Scallop shell, Swallow-tailed moth, Small fan-footed wave, Satin lutestring, Small dotted buff, Minor shoulder knot, Blood vein, Barred straw, Common emerald, Clay, and a second Udea olivalis. All photographs had to be taken through glass because of the very close attention of several Robins and a family of Blackbirds.
Common emerald

Blood vein

Barred straw

Scallop shell

Waved carpet

Swallow-tailed moth
Tony & Ina

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