Saturday 31 May 2014

Well marked Pale Tussock

As I don't catch anything unusual (well I did the first year I moth-ed: loads of County Firsts and even some which were supposedly extinct) I'm concentrating on what attracted me to moths initially: the sheer wonder of these amazing insects.  Mostly Pale Tussocks sit very still and are hard to dislodge but this one flashed its wings, much more attractive than the pic in Skinner.  The caterpillar  is also dramatic looking so I'll be out searching in late June ...

One thing puzzling me is why micros seem to enjoy being in the fridge; they live for days without food and light, appearing moribund and fit to photograph yet spring to life within 2 seconds of being released from their chilly abode so I can't show you the beautiful tiny Cocksfoot moth I found in a buttercup yesterday.  I looked in hundreds and found beetles and spiders but only one Glyphipterix simpliciella…at least that's if I'm right in thinking there are only 3 Glyphs that occur in Cere, one wrong colour, one too large and one very common so that's mine then. I've put it back in the fridge as it wouldn't comply so if PH wants it, I've got it.

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