Friday 23 May 2014

This past Week

Hi folks,
As some of you know, I visited Ceredigion for a few days to meet friends and hopefully try and run the traps. I managed a curtailed visit to Cors Caron NNR on Monday night before a second thunderstorm put most if my equipment under water. It took 2 days to dry things out. The list was progressing well and had reached 32 species of macro, and surprisingly only 1 micro by the time I had to abandon ship and call the life guard, well before midnight. Most interesting for me was Oblique Carpet, Coronet, Barred Umber and female Fox's bashing into the traps. Daytime walks have produced quite a few micros to id later including some potential Psychoides moths from what looks like frass around pupal sites on Hartstongue fern. I await any hatchings. Now is the time to look. I did also trap at Brynarth, but nights were chilly and I only recorded 24 macros and 2 micros. Peter Hall
Raindrops the size of golf balls with the Robinson in the background


  1. You will be giving people the idea it rains a lot here!!
    Looking forward to the results of the micros.

  2. That Micropterix I caught on the Tynybedw walk, near the sawmill on the Ystwyth river, on a buttercup was Micropterix aureatella. Pretty little thing. The rest have gone away for later in the year to id.

  3. Just one on record of M.aureatella, 10th June last year. Records on JRL's map must be missing Peter. There is a long list of others though. Still more detective work to do!

  4. Looking at JRL's manual blobs, it looks like it's an old record, it's blobbed in green rather than red, probably still on a card somewhere waiting to be digitised. Claire was very patient with me as I checked hundreds and hundreds of buttercup flowers. I was looking for calthella and simpliciella, so this was a nice surprise.


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