Saturday 24 May 2014

Psychoides verhuella

and also filicivora. If you are bored during the wet spell, you can always go out now and inspect the underside of Hart's Tongue Fern. There's still time to look, although the moth is not far away from hatching. I removed some fronds from a site in Ceredigion last week that looked suspiciously like the cases of one of the two species, probably verhuella, and I've just put them in an inverted pint glass. Hopefully in a couple of weeks time, the adult will hatch out and I can verify the species. Look at the undersides of last years fronds and look at the spore rows. In the images, hopefully it should be clear what you are to look for. The case is inside a tiny mass of collected spores. There are nice images also on the UK Moths site:
Peter Hall

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  1. Your tips on what to look for and where are very helpful Peter, thanks.


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