Thursday 15 May 2014

Cors Fochno

We ran two 15W Heath traps on the bog last night, one in an area of mainly willow and the other mainly birch and bracken. In the willow we had Ruddy highflyer (9), Broken-barred carpet (3), Herald (2), Poplar hawkmoth (2), Pale tussock (2), and singles of Red twin-spot carpet, Brimstone, Grey birch, Scalloped hazel, Muslin moth, Clouded drab. In the birch and bracken we had Brown silver-line (13), Buff-tip (7), Grey birch (2), and singles of Brimstone, Scalloped hazel, Small phoenix, Brown rustic, Small square-spot.

Broken-barred carpet

Small square-spot

Brown rustic

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