Saturday 24 May 2014

Up on the hill

I managed to find a really nice area of Bilberry and other moorland shrubs amongst the wasteland of sheep pasture on the Cere side of the Pysgotr valley on Wed.  Sun was shining and I kicked up a lot of common heath (pic 2) but one was much brighter, much smaller and more active so top pic is the best I could manage with an old Lumix compact.  Although it didn't settle with its wings folded that might have been the breeze, on close up its wings are a bit distorted and it only landed the once.  It certainly was a different, more spreadeagled shape to the Commons so I think its a Latticed. Anyone going to corroborate or otherwise?
I also managed to get a pic of this very attractive gold-ish micro which I think is Nemapotogon swammerdamella, supposed to be common but I only saw one in about 2 ha of suitable habitat.


  1. It could easily be swammerdamella, but I'd need the wingspan to be sure. My money on your other one is still Common Heath.

    1. I'll send you another pic.
      Re Common Heath: I know they are very variable but it was the small size of the other one which alerted me, prob an under-nourished female!


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