Saturday 7 July 2018

Oak Woodland - Talybont

54 species plus one (you will understand later) in a small Heath trap last night.
Riband Wave and Northern Spinach were the most numerous, 4 Welsh Waves and one each of two of my favourites, Beautiful Snout and Endotricha flammealis.  Our first Dotted Clay and Dun-bar of the year and a nice Common Emerald that would not hang around for photography...
Oh yes and the 'plus one'...a female Purple Hairstreak.

Ina and Tony

Acrobasis consociella

Beautiful Snout

Black Arches

Cloaked Carpet

Dotted Clay


Minor Shoulder-knot

Rhopobota narvana

Scalloped Oak

Slender Brindle


Welsh Wave

Ypsolopha nemorella
Purple Hairstreak - female


  1. I had a Purple Hairstreak arrive at my trap this past week.

  2. Odd, must be the dry weather, normally have to search the topsite of trees!


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