Friday 13 July 2018

Cors Fochno NNR July 12th

The long spell of warm weather meant I was up to date with my regular trapping sites and it enabled me to fulfil a long standing promise to come and trap on Cors Fochno again.  So last night I was joined for a while by Ina and Tony and I ran 2 White Robinson MV traps on the edge of the bog for my usual 3 hours spell.  The wind dropped and the midges emerged and it stayed reasonably warm - 15 degrees when I left for home just after 2am.  I have about a dozen or so moths to id later in the year, so in the end I will record just over 90 species. Smoky Wainscot topped the numbers bill for macros with 72 individuals (Agriphila straminella for micros with 86), then Dingy Footman (63) then Marsh Oblique-barred (58).  Good numbers also of Scarce Footman (38), but I didn't record any Common Footman.  For me at least, of interest was a nice female Oak Eggar, Garden Tiger, Grass Emerald, 2 Double Kidney.  Micros were in shorter supply and to date nothing exciting recorded (maybe Elachista albidella is a good record?), but a few still to id. In total 679 moths counted. Peter Hall
Cors Fochno: Round-winged Muslin

Cors Fochno: Scalloped Hook-tip

Cors Fochno: Four-dotted Footman

Cors Fochno: Oak Eggar

Cors Fochno: Garden Tiger

Cors Fochno: Grass Emerald

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  1. We have four records of Elachista albidella Peter, 3 from Cors Fochno and one older record from a dubious location. Good to see you again and happy to know you got home safely. Hope you finished the book! Ina and Tony


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