Monday 9 July 2018

Haworth's Pug

Things are slowing down a little now, but as moths seem to disperse on these warm nights still worthwhile putting the trap in the garden last night.
32 species, after our resident Sparrow had done with them...the little so&so manages to find ones I haven't seen and fly past with that 'look what I got' expression on his face.  Having said that he must be a good dad, providing food for what seems to be yet another brood - at the expense of our moths that is.  When all was gathered in he even went in the shed for a look round and I caught him in the greenhouse yesterday.

Back to moths;  7th record of Haworth's Pug for the county and only the second this century.  The first Cabbage Moth we have seen in a while.  The first Cydia splendana in the garden this year, they also don't seem as common as they used to be.

Agriphila tristella - note narrowing at centre of white line

Cabbage Moth

Dingy Footman - not to be confused with Buff!

Haworth's Pug - F/w 8mm


  1. How very exciting about the Haworth's Pug Ina. Am assuming Tony has some cultivated clematis in the garden??


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