Thursday 26 July 2018

Carpet Mystery

We found this small,attractive, very fresh dark grey and white carpet (fw 12 mm) in our house last night and have totally failed to identify it.  Any ideas?

Carolyn & Evan


  1. I think this could be Pretty Pinion, Perizoma blandiata. I can't remember ever having seen this species so we need to get confirmation or not from someone who is familiar with it. There is only one dubious county record from 1988.

  2. Thanks Tony. I considered this and discounted it as it was a little larger than stated and didn't seem to quite match the pictures. On re-looking on line it does bear quite a good resemblance to a photo of this on the Northumberland moth site. I'll keep the moth in the fridge and you can have a look at it after your visitors have gone. Carolyn.

  3. Could it be an aberration of Blue-bordered Carpet? It's a remarkable looking moth!

    1. An aberration of some kind is the favourite at the moment, Garden Carpet has also been suggested. Peter Hall will try to solve this mystery.

  4. I can now confirm that it is a female Garden Carpet


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