Tuesday 17 July 2018

An "ear"ie coincidence

I also had a garden first Ear Moth in my Aberystwyth garden this week (Tuesday) and a Gothic (Saturday). The Ear looked quite different to Vicky's though, with the oval almost invisible:

Other garden firsts last night included Ringed China Mark and Acrobasis marmorea:

and FFY Triple-spotted Clay and Pale-Mottled Willow.
Of three pugs, one (FW c16mm) had a rather reddish body and wings, but the distinct black spots have left me uncertain - is this just a (small) Common Pug?:


  1. It is fascinating the way moths manage to coordinate the date of their emergence but it maximises the chance of finding a mate.
    The pug has the appearance of Common Pug but is smaller than normal (assuming you meant 16mm wing tip to wing tip). The discal spot is quite well defined but the white tornal spot is not. There seems to be a double angle in the post median line near the leading edge (as defined in Brian Hancock's book). I think further investigation is needed to be certain.

  2. Pop it in the next batch Simon.

  3. Thanks all. I could believe Slender, but I'll let Peter have the last word in due course.

  4. Ina has confirmed the ear moth as Saltern Ear.


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