Friday 20 April 2018

Talybont - not our garden!

This morning's offering took us a little longer than expected, I was beginning to think breakfast was turning into brunch!
However, 338 of 26 species of macro and only 9 of 2 micros...hardly fair is it?  Minimum count.
Both micros were new for the year NFY macro were V--pug, Red-green Carpet, Brown Silver-line, Shoulder Stripe, Lunar Marbled Brown.  We had one Early Moth, the latest recorded date one other had been recorded on 19th April but that was in 1978.

Ina and Tony.
Semioscopis steinkelleriana

Early Moth


Red-green Carpet

Brown Silver-line

Grey Shoulder-knot


Lunar Marbled Brown

Frosted Green


Shoulder Striped

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