Sunday 1 April 2018

Phyllonorycter maestingella and P.trifasciella

I  picked up a few leaves from Pant da last month and would normally have left them outside a little longer but brought them in away from the 'beast from the east' a couple of weeks ago.
As Phyllonorycter are easy to rear (usually) they have emerged a little earlier than they should.
Photos are not brilliant but moths are recognisable. P.maestingella from Beech (Fagus) and P.trifasciella from Honeysuckle (Lonicera).. The latter is under recorded here in Ceredigion, I really should get out there and find more.  If you have any Honeysuckle local to you please have a look for the blotch mine and cones and maybe we can fill a few more squares.

Photos here  of feeding signs etc.

P. maestingella

P. trifasciella

P. trifasciella

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