Monday 23 April 2018

Swallow Prominent

As we did not record one Swallow Prominent in the garden last year I thought when I opened the trap this must be another Lesser SP...but I was wrong.  I thought it timely therefore to post a photo to remind everyone of the difference.  The moth, who was about to become a model, decided not to co-operate and did his best to keep his wings tightly shut whenever he saw the camera!
So, this is the best I could do and just to emphasise what you should be looking for I have ringed the area and included a better photo just in case you find a more co-operative beastie.
The tornal wedge shape on the fore wing is not considered totally reliable so the wavy line through the dark area on the hind wing is worth checking particularly as we get lots of individuals here that have the wedge half and half, it may be different in other areas.

To recap; wavy white line = SP.  no wavy white line LSP.


  1. Hi Ina, could this do with publicising more widely on other moth-focussed social media groups as I'm not sure many moth-ers are using this ID feature and continue to rely solely on the wedge?



    1. I am sure others have done this. I remember Les H. for sure. As you say putting it out on a national platform such as Facebook may be a good idea. I will look into it.


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