Friday 13 April 2018

Grey Birch & Lunar Marbled Brown

Last night was milder producing the usual visitors to the garden trap.  The woodland, on the other hand produced 16 macro species with abundant Double-striped & Brindled Pugs.  Others included our first Lunar Marbled Brown for this year and  this rather early Grey Birch.

Carolyn & Evan

Lunar Marbled Brown

Grey Birch

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  1. Grey Birch has been recorded 157 times since the first in 1952. There are only 3 records earlier than this one, all on 11th April, 1 in 2005 at Tregaron, and 2 in 2017 at New Quay and Cors Fochno. Lunar Marbled Brown is about 2 weeks later than the earliest records in recent years.


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