Saturday 21 May 2016


A bumper night with rain bringing the moths out - 33 macro species from our usual three traps in garden and woodland.  The star of the night was this Seraphim no doubt from our local Aspen and Poplar trees.  The photos below are of both the upper and lower surfaces with the latter showing the rather small hind wings.  We think you can just see the doubly-folded lobe along the trailing edge of the upper side of one slightly exposed hind wing as described in Waring.

Other moths included both male & female forms of the bilberry feeding Beautiful Snout, Broken-barred Carpet, Scalloped Hook-tip, Green Silver-lines, Marbled Brown, Treble Lines, Scorched Wing and Common Marbled Carpet.

Carolyn & Evan


Seraphim - under surface
Beautiful Snout m&f
Broken-barred Carpet
Scalloped Hook-tip
Green Silver-lines


  1. Wow! what a good catch. The Green silver-lines looks fantastic, so fresh. Nice to see the comparison between the sexes of Beautiful snout. All but one record for this moth are from the north and east of the county, reflecting the abundance of its foodplant.

  2. A much more colourful selection than in my trap last night. V. nice.


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