Thursday 12 May 2016

Pale Prominent

New for my Bont garden last night were Pale Tussock, Knot Grass, Red Twin-spot Carpet and this Pale Prominent. Also my second big beetle (the first was a Dor a few weeks ago) and as in Sarah's post below, this Black Sexton Beetle.


  1. Yes I agree that's Necrodes littoralis

  2. I'm a bit confused over this and the net isn't helping. All images of Necrodes Littoralis or Shore Burying Beetle show this beetle as do images of Black Burying Beetle or Nicrophorus humator, help please

  3. I'm no expert, but this is the info that I've found online (hope this helps):
    The 2 main differences are the antennae and the elytra:
    In N. humator the antennae are club-ended and there is no kink in the elytra
    In N. littoralis the antennae are not clubbed and the strongly ribbed elytra has a raised kink about two thirds of the way along.


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