Sunday 22 May 2016

Aberystwyth vs Llanrhystud

Like Sarah, few moths in my garden trap recently: 18 moths of 14 species last night. But two were firsts for the garden: Marbled Coronet and Nut-tree Tussock. (My first Heart-and-Dart this year was on 7th May).

This morning at Llanrhystud lime kilns more day-flyers than I expected: Esperia Sulphurella (1), Psychoides Filicivora (2), Glyphipterix Simpliciella (70+) and a Small Yellow underwing. While I was waiting for it to settle for a photo, a Micropterix aruncella came and posed next to me.

This afternoon, Aberystwyth cemetery was dominated by Glyphipterix fuscoviridella (25+) and, now that the Ox-eye daisies are out, several Dichrorampha sp. and a possible Cydia nigricana.

D. alpinana? (FW 7mm)

D. plumbana? (FW 6mm)

C. nigricana? (FW 6mm)

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  1. Did you hang on to any Simon? Particularly D.plumbana, they have a couple of confusion species.
    Pea Moth looks ok from the photo, but what could it be feeding on there I wonder?


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