Sunday 29 May 2016

Satin Lutestring

Last night we ran two Heath traps in some local woodland and recorded 30 species. First for us this year were Satin lutestring (3), Scorched wing (3), Brimstone moth, Bordered white, Cream wave, and Marbled brown (4). Amongst the others were Grey birch, May highflyer, Pale Tussock, Nut-tree tussock, Pale-shouldered brocade, Red-green carpet, Foxglove pug, Engrailed, Peppered moth, and White ermine.
  Satin lutestring seems to be doing very well in Ceredigion with 172 county records, all bar 10 of which were recorded post 2001.
Satin lutestring

Satin lutestring

May highflyer

Tony & Ina

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