Monday 10 August 2015

Rosy Marsh Moths

Last night was forecast to be warm and damp, ideal moth'ing conditions on Cors Fochno. Other commitments meant we would not have much time this morning so we used just one Skinner trap with a 15W actinic light. The catch was 187 macro moths of 40 species. The stars were of course 10 Rosy marsh moths. There were 50 True lover's knot but only 19 Large yellow underwing, Dingy, Scarce and Rosy footman, Smoky and Southern wainscot, 9 Marsh oblique-barred, Garden and Ruby tiger, Drinkers, Scalloped hook-tip and Yellow tail amongst the rest. We also had our first ear moth of the year, its size and the habitat suggests Large ear but they require dissection to be certain.
"Large" Ear moth

Rosy marsh moth
Tony & Ina

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