Thursday 13 August 2015

Blue- bordered Carpet

It's carpet week at Llawrcwrt. This turned up this morning, not in the trap but on the trap. It is the first I have seen and a first for the site. Alder and Backthorn are abundant here and the site fits the description in the book very well, so I'm a bit surprised that one hasn't turned up before.


  1. Look for the eggs in Winter. About half of Bucks' 457 records are from this method.
    The weblink: will show you what they look like. Being very white, they are very easy to spot.

  2. Years ago I did participate in Brown Hairstreak egg surveys but with only limited success and my eyesight is much worse now. I shall try to get some of my grandchildren interested. I hadn't seen that website before, so thanks for pointing it out to me.


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