Friday 14 August 2015

Another Blue bordered carpet…and lessons.

Thanks David for posting your BBC as it alerted me to one in my catch yesterday which I had, in a rush, logged as Purple Bar.  This was caught at Coed Y Bont where there is ample alder and birch in the wet woodland.  A pretty moth with a size comparison here which alone should have alerted me.

Second lesson is not to disbelieve the weather forecast!  A very floriferous private site at Hafod was available so Red and I set 4 traps and got 3 buckets of water…no, not entirely!  As you can see the promised muggy air produced an unusual density of moths with 50 species but hundreds of moths; probably the entire population of Dingy foots in Cere though here is a good number of LYU's and Dark Arches.  3 Clay Triple Lines was probably the most interesting catch though mine flew before good pics were taken due to the downpour at 6 this morning.


  1. Downpour? We only had 3.9 mm.


  2. We didn't have much here either but at Hafod it was extra specially wet! I blamed Red!

  3. Looks like you need to invest in a second egg box Liz.


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