Thursday 13 August 2015

Another Dark Marbled Carpet

Another Dark Marbled Carpet. This time I took Tony's advice and looked at the underside of the wings. This is supposed to be the way to separate them from Common Marbled Carpets. I must say I didn't find it conclusive when comparing it with the Waring and Townsend illustration. I see there is an Arran Carpet, what price a Cardi Carpet?


  1. I think this shows the pattern on the hindwing perfectly. Apparently Arran carpet is an evolving species so there must be scope for a Cardi carpet. Wilton and Axminster have there own but they are not in the book.

  2. I supplied material for a paper some years ago on whether Arran Carpet was a distinct species (having caught typical Arran Carpet many years before on....Arran). The conclusion was that it is not a species at all, but a form of Common Marbled Carpet and the undersides also reflect this. The new checklist also agrees. I agree with the image, a nice classic V-shaped line.


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