Tuesday 25 August 2015

Clouded-bordered brindle

This is the specimen we caught in the trap last night. According to Waring & Townsend the single generation extends to late August in Northern uplands, eg. Lancashire. The distribution graph for Ceredigion shows a single peak at end of June beginning of July and extending from May to end of August.


  1. I've looked in the Bucks database, 430 records and none for August. There is one for November 1972, so maybe that year we had a partial second generation. In the Hereford database, a bit nearer to you, 270 records and 1 for early August. Do you have many August records?

    1. There are 90 records for August and 1 for September. Sarah recorded one last November and put a photo on the blog. We put that down to a late second generation.

    2. That's interesting. Thanks for the update.


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