Monday 11 May 2015

Barred Umber, Square Spot & Friends

Twenty nine species in total, in three traps last night at Ynys-hir.
The most numerous was eleven Brown Silver-line, six Great Prominent, three Clouded Silver and three Brimstone.The first Silver Y, Iron Prominent and Scalloped Hazel of the year from the site and three micros, Adella reaumurella, Incurvaria oehlmanniella and Syndemis musculana.
We also had two Square Spot, this species is showing an increase with only ten records up to the year 2000 and eleven records last year alone - 59 overall.
A real beauty - a fresh Barred Umber with lilac tones that do not show well on the photo.
Barred Umber

Scalloped Hazel

White-pinion Spotted - sorry about the 'blob'

Square Spot

Engrailed - for comparison

Least Black Arches

Syndemis musculana
Ina, Tony and Joe

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