Wednesday 13 May 2015

Emperor moths

Such a lovely day we decided to take our Emperor lure for an outing in the hills. We made 4 stops and had male Emperors come to the lure at 3 of them. We started at Mynydd March, up from Penrhyn Coch and had 3 males, the first arrived after 9 minutes. We also walked up to Llyn Syfydrin and saw Green hairstreak on Bilberry by the side of the road. At Bryn Bras we had to wait 5 minutes for the first male Emperor to arrive. On to Nant-yr-Arian where we were approached by an Emperor before the lure was even out of the box. The pheromone must linger on the stick on which the lure had been tied, powerful stuff!

Tony & Ina

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