Tuesday 12 May 2015

Grey Scalloped Bar on a windy night

A windy night in Willow Carr last night.
18 species altogether, 13 Ruddy Highflyer and still no May HF.
Puss Moth 2, Grey Birch 1, Hebrew Chatacter 10, Least Black Arches 1, Broken-barred Carpet 2, Clouded Drab and Powdered and Common Quaker still hanging on, ones and twos of Pebbled Prom, Scalloped Hook-tip, Water Carpet, Brimstone, Grey Scalloped Bar.  Three species of pug, Golden Rod, Foxglove and Narrow-winged. Only one micro Epinotia immundana.
Broken-barred Carpet

Grey Scalloped Bar

Puss Moth

Narrow-winged Pug - a small pug that never sits as per Field Guide

Foxglove Pug

Golden-rod Pug - Larvae of first generation is thought to feed on Willow
Ina and Tony

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