Thursday 21 May 2015

What a Spectacle

The best night of the year so far for us with 40 species between 3 traps at Ynys-hir. What was particularly noticeable was the freshness of many of the moths, presumably emerged very recently. It was good to see a number of old favourites: Buff-tip, Peppered moth, Sandy carpet, Green carpet, Spectacle, Lesser swallow prominent, White ermine, Coxcomb prominent. Others included Brown silver-line, Barred umber, Great prominent (seems to be having a very good year), Pale tussock, Brimstone moth, Shuttle-shaped dart, Lychnis, Knot grass, Silver-ground carpet, Alder moth, May highflyer, Scorched wing, Tawny-barred angle, Common lutestring.
Green carpet

Tawny-barred angle

Shuttle-shaped dart


Alder moth

Tony & Ina

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