Tuesday 7 April 2015

Ynys-hir event

We set 4 traps at the RSPB reserve on Saturday night for the moth event on Sunday morning, 1 Robinson 125W MV, 1 Skinner 30W Actinic, and 2 Heath 15W Actinics. Despite the night being cold and clear with a very large moon we had a reasonable number of moths. It was good to get some visitors, especially the children, who showed great interest in the moths. Thanks to Carolyn, Evan, and Liz for their help.

We had 111 moths with 19 macro and 2 micro species:
Red sword-grass 6, Hebrew character 27, Engrailed 5, Early thorn 3, Clouded drab 7, Pale pinion 1, Early grey 10, Satellite 2, Brindled pug 5, Early tooth striped 1, Oak beauty 1, Small quaker 14, Common quaker 11, Twin-spotted quaker 3, Chestnut 8, Red chestnut 1, Water carpet 1, Frosted green 1, Pale brindled beauty 1, Diurnea fagella 2, Agonopterix heracliana 1.

Tony & Ina

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