Wednesday 22 April 2015

Lobster Anyone?

The only thing new for the year in the garden trap last night was a Lobster Moth, Others included Shoulder Stripe, Great Prominent, Early Tooth-striped Pale Prominent, Early Grey.

I collected some nests last autumn and the first moths have emerged today.  Unfortunately one escaped that looked very like a White-shouldered House Moth, but could not be sure the others where Skin Moths - Monopis laevigella.

Ina and Tony


  1. Do you mean birds' nests? Which ones…out of nestboxes? Some of my boxes have fleas so I'm not keen on handling them!!

  2. Yes, tit nests from last year collected in the winter. The count so far is bird lice, thousands; woodlice, several dozen, mainly husks as they are inside the spiders; various earwigs and flies by the hundreds!!! AND so far three moths. :-)


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