Wednesday 22 April 2015

Female Emperor Moth

No wonder their pheromone is very strong as this female emperor is a formidable beast although this one was docile as it was -1C !
I wanted to hang it up in my net laundry bag and go back later to see the males but no time today.
I am hoping to trap Sat night on  Coed Y Bont for another one of these and will be opening the trap early so anyone is welcome to join me on Sunday morning at 7am or to look in the pots at 8.30am prior to a bird walk around the new ponds in the clear fell area starting at 9.30am.
An Emperor was found on a wall very near where I will be trapping 2 days ago plus I should catch Grey Birch.

Coed Y Bont is on the lane to Strata Florida and is well worth a visit…see the Facebook page.
GR SN:737660

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