Monday 6 April 2015

Another hibernator

Two of these visited last night:

My first thought was Mompha divisella, but they seem faded in comparison to one caught last autumn. Is this a result of spending the winter as an adult, or should I consider M. bradleyi?



  1. Hi Simon,
    I would go with your first thought, M.divisella. Given the amount of white and the fact others that have been dissected looking more like bradleyi still turned out to be divisella. As always if you would like it looked into further just pop it in the freezer....sorry Ruth! M.bradleyi are supposed to be spreading but not sure how far they have got yet, I will try to make a few enquiries.

  2. In Glamorgan, bradleyi is currently only known from the more urban bits of Cardiff. The two I have seen have been darker than typical divisella with much less white at the base of the wing.

    This one has such a pale head I wonder if it could even be propinquella (with scale tufts rubbed off)?

    1. That went through my mind too George, but given how far down the dorsum the white goes and that Simon has the advantage of seeing the moth in the flesh so to speak, I think he would have flagged up propinquella. Thanks for the info, your imput is always welcome.

  3. I think divisella looks the best candidate


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