Thursday 2 April 2015

Orange Underwing

On a walk up our valley this afternoon we spotted a solitary Orange Underwing.  It was flying for about 20 minutes in typical fashion above a copse of Birch trees in pale sunshine around 4 pm.  This is the first time we have seen one in this location.

Carolyn & Evan


  1. That's good, we have looked for them at Ynys-hir and Cors Fochno without success. The numbers of records has declined in recent years: 2002(1), 2007(1), 2010(5), 2011(7), 2012(4), 2013(2), 2013(1).

    1. Tony, This maybe a case of where the declining figures hide a truth. The years when there were good recordings were probably when Kevin Mcgee and Mike Bailey were actively looking for them. To actually see them requires a combination of events - being in the right place at the right time in reasonable weather and looking in the right place. We will keep looking. I think last year's record was mine!


  2. Sorry the last year should have been 2014(1)

  3. I have looked on Cors Caron and Longwood every year since 2011 when Mike Bailey told us to get out there looking for them but last year I was away in April and the weather in March was poor. I have been out to Longwood and CC this year but the sallow catkins are slow to blossom and a lot of birch and willow has been removed along the tracksides in both locations. Shall go again as soon as we get a ray of sun.


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