Wednesday 3 September 2014

Ynys-hir woodland

A warmer, cloudier night with a Robinson MV trap under the trees at Ynys-hir, produced relatively few moths with 20 macro species and 9 micros. Most numerous were Brimstone, Green carpet and Flame shoulder, also September thorn, Tawny-barred angle (very battered looking), Chinese character, Snout, Pinion-streaked snout, Spruce carpet, Flame carpet, Setaceous hebrew character, Rosy rustic, and Chevron. Very fresh looking Peach blossom and Small fan-footed wave, presumably both second generation. In the micros there was Brown house moth, Mother of pearl, Rusty-dot pearl, Large fruit-tree tortrix, Acleris laterana, Carcina quercana, Cydia splendana, Ypsolopha dentella, and Y. parenthesella.
Peach blossom

Pinion-streaked snou

Small fan-footed wave

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