Tuesday 30 September 2014

In need of a haircut?

I'm currently doing some identification work on micros for a number of the group. Of course, after Dave G's micro course, I'm expecting even more in the future. The varying shapes I encounter when dissecting never cease to amaze me. Some are really plain, but others, like the attached, actually very pretty. Liz is lucky enough to be the first to encounter this species in Ceredigion, but as micros are very under-recorded, the opportunity for fame is just outside your door if you look.
Bryotropha politella
This group of moths are rather plain and dull, but internally rather nice, with politella being the smartest of them all. If you have any micro-moths that need a name, contact Ina at first and from there they make their way over to me. Peter Hall


  1. It may be good to explain the 'ins and outs' of the 'bits' we are looking at.
    C.L. is always wondering how lep bits and pieces relate to human anatomy!

  2. I'll do an annotated version if I get back from London with some time to spare tomorrow evening, otherwise it will be Thursday


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