Wednesday 3 September 2014

...and Two Micros

We also caught these two Tortrices.  The first I believe is Acleris variegana (Garden Rose Tortrix) - FL 9mm.  The second I thought initially was Acleris emargana (FL 10mm) , but am now wondering if it it is A. effractana?  Unfortunately it escaped while being photographed so I do not have the specimen.



  1. Yes it is variegana and the other is most likely to be emargana. The indent on effractana I believe (I've never seen it) is usually less obvious, but you should keep them to be certain of course. It's not been recorded in Wales yet, but that doesn't mean to say it's not there. Most records are from coastal Scotland.

  2. As Peter says, no records of A. effractana and think it may be the first emargana for your 'neck of the woods'.
    I am getting most upset by all the moths you are getting down there...and I am up here surounded by packing and no moth trap! Only 2 more days and I hope to be back in the swing.

  3. Many thanks Peter. Will try and save the next one!


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