Friday 19 September 2014

A Surfeit of Square-spot Rustics

I hope the title doesn't suggest we ate them!!
We (Mike, Tony & myself) sat for nearly two hours last night at Ynyslas with the mv light and managed three species.  As you can gather from the title most numerous were S-s Rs.  We did get a little over excited on occasion when something looked a little different, but no, you guessed, just a variation on the theme for the night.
There were two other singletons, an Anomalous and a rather fetching female Shuttle-shaped Dart.

Shuttle-shaped Dart


Anomalous - in bubble bath!
Hope for better mothing Saturday into Sunday.
Ina and Tony.


  1. Did you remember to switch the light on?

    1. I think every moth bar Square-spots had uv goggles on!!

  2. You're not trying hard enough!


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