Sunday 14 September 2014

Ynys-hir moths

Ran two traps at the RSPB reserve, one in woodland and the other in an open area next to a paddock. The woodland produced 15 macro species and 8 micros, the other gave 19 macros and 2 micros. Two of the macros were firsts for us this year, Autumnal rustic and Brindled green (which looked greener in the sunlight than it does in the photo).
Autumnal rustic

Brindled green
Most numerous amongst the micros were Ypsolopha ustella and Acleris laterana. Interesting were Anania lancealis, which was a bit later than the normal flight period, Pandemis cinnamomeana (a male with its white face) and Argyresthia semitestacella.
Anania lancealis

Pandemis cinnamomeana
Tony and Ina

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