Friday 10 April 2020

Talybont Garden C19 Lockdown

Well I had to use this title somewhere along the line!
As our garden is surrounded by LED lights, tarmac, another row of houses between us and the open, etc., we do not come across the greatest variety of species.  I have to tell you folks out there that following on from my last post...we have had another Brindled Beauty last night.  Quite definitely another as this one is in much better condition. 
Just thirteen species plus a bumblebee, two sexton beetles Nicrophorus humator (smelly to his friends) and a lot of small flies.
I have added a photo of the variation in Common Quaker as I do sometimes receive ID requests for these.

Brindled Beauty


Common Quaker - note, all have large pale outlined oval and kidney.

Double-striped Pug

Early Thorn

Light Brown Apple Moth (M). Epiphyas postvittana

Small Quaker


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