Sunday 26 April 2020

Brindled or Oak Tree Pugs?

I’m persevering with identifying pugs and am trying to differentiate Brindled and Oak Tree pugs. I’m going to stick my neck out, an be prepared to be shot down, and say that both these are Brindled Pugs but I keep changing my mind!! The discal spot is quite small and the black dashes beyond the fiscal spot are quite prominent. But there is quite a pale area beyond the fiscal spot, so perhaps it is Oak Tree?
Amended 27/4/20
 See replies below which tell me that it is Oak-tree because of the pale area behind the fairly prominent discal spot and the rounded wings.

This is another one from a different angle as it isn’t cooperating.


  1. On size and shape I think these are both Oak-tree Pug.

  2. I agree. Prominent discal spot, white area just beyond, size and the blunt ends of the wing tips all point to Oak-tree Pug.


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