Friday 17 April 2020

Llangeitho moths

As of last September, I am new to moth trapping, and to the blog, which I find very inspiring!

Living a mile out of Llangeitho, I am lucky enough (especially in present circumstances) to have about 3 acres of oak/ash woodland, rough grassland and bramble scrub - and a garden - to work in.

Last night was a dauntingly busy one, with about 175 moths of 27 species. I am at the stage where almost every trap brings me something new, though seldom uncommon. Highlights from last night include a Pebble Prominent, a Flame Carpet, 6 Great Prominent, a Square Spot, and 46 Brindled Beauty; there were also 5 Least Black Arches, 5 Lunar Marbled Brown, 2 Powdered Quaker, a Common Lutestring and an Oak Nycteoline. Tony tells me the Common Lutestring is the early county record by 8 days - and I am grateful for his ready help with ID!.

Common Lutestring

Pebble Prominent

Powdered Quaker

Flame Carpet

Square Spot

In case it's of interest, I use a homemade multi-LED light with a funnel and bucket trap, which runs off a "powerbank", so is very portable.

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  1. A great catch Peter and a good advert for LED lights. Oak Nycteoline is being recorded more often now although only 34 records before this year, 25 of those since 2004. I suspect it has often been discarded as a Micro!


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