Sunday 10 June 2018

Ynyslas saltmarsh

I visited the saltmarsh just beyond the tern posts at Ynyslas this morning looking (unsuccessfully) for coleophora species. Instead, several Mother Shipton and Cinnabar and a bunch of difficult micros. Most numerous was what I take to be Bactra robustana, although it appears indistinguishable from lancelana:

More striking is Lobelia littoralis:
and even less striking is Phalonidia affinitana:
I nearly let this go immediately as a LBAM, but I think it is actually Clepsis spectrana:
Also several 6-spot Burnets around the dunes.

Visitors to the garden trap this week have included Figure of Eighty, Rustic Shoulder-Knot, Pammene fasciana, and a Red-necked Footman that wanted to show me its yellow belly:

I think this very dark noctuid, caught at Nanteos, is a female Brown Rustic:

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  1. Some good records there Simon. Did you hang on to the Bactra? I presume it was the size and location made you think of B.robustana. Out of the big ones I've looked at only one was robustana so maybe I had better go and collect a few more!


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